You're here! Let's get started!

Once you've poked around the site and maybe watched a video or two on my YouTube channel, I hope to hear from you with any questions you may have. I'll gladly talk you through them. I'm a pretty friendly chap, so we will have a brief chat about your project over the phone and then make a mutually convenient appointment.

When it's appointment day, I will confirm our meeting and arrive in a timely manner. You can be completely ready for me with catalogues, measurements and colour schemes - or not have a clue and just want "something over there". I'll support you through the whole process. In this way we can both fully understand what our goal is.

If you need a design, I can help with that too! I don't charge for them as I'm not qualified per se, however my squiggles don't look too shabby and I've got a pretty good handle on what I can or cannot do. So no need to pay for expensive design companies. I usually end up having to amend them anyway.

About a week after my visit you will receive your quote with a copy of my T&C's. The quote will outline the works we discussed and a total fixed price.

I ask for 10% of your total quote to secure your place in my schedule of works. This is non-refundable.

I'm not a big business and cash flow is very important. Therefore, Paved In Stone expects swift payment on job completion or every TEN working days, whichever comes first. 

The next part after that is to expect some wait between a few weeks to a couple of months until we can get to you. All of which will be discussed upon securing your place in my lineup. 

When we arrive we take care of everything and we don't just do a bit here and a bit there. It's one job at a time with me. You get my full attention until the job is done, but even then it's not over. 

I'm confident my work is built-to-last but every now and then things can go awry. My ethics drive my excellence and I'll return to resolve any issues ASAP. 

I hope I have been helpful and given you some insight into what I can offer you. If you're planning on some Hard Landscaping, why not give me a call?