Terms of Trade


To book your quote you agree to pay a fee of 10% of your total quote amount, as outlined in the "What to Expect" page. This fee will secure your place in my list of works and is non-refundable


I, Paved In Stone, agree to provide the client with a payment plan which will detail goods or services with expected payment dates. (Every TEN days or upon completion of works.) You, The Client, agree to pay Paved In Stone within 24 hours of request. Late payments will be subject to additional charges. Paved In Stone owns all of the materials, including hire contracts until payment from the client is satisfied. It is understood that Paved In Stone will manage and operate any such materials in a safe and competent manner. I accept no liability for any damages caused by misuse by persons not endorsed by Paved In Stone.

Paved In Stone accepts no liability for any material defects or machinery faults. 

Work Environment

I personally carry public liability insurance and a copy is available upon request.

Paved In Stone agrees to keep a safe, tidy and organised working environment. However, the client agrees and understands that there can be varying levels of disruptions and delays for both the client and neighbouring houses. 

The client agrees to provide a reasonable space throughout the duration of works and an accessible supply of water and electricity.

During works, particularly excavations, I accept no liability for any damage caused to gas, oil, water, data or electric supplies if any of the following apply; 

 - The service is less than 600mm deep  

 - The service is not protected in a sand trench with a minimum 70mm sand on top

 - The service is not protected with hazard warnings, i.e. tape or tiles


After Sales Complaints

Any issues that may arise after work has been completed should be reported to Paved In Stone as soon as possible. 

The client can expect reasonable repairs, but there are a few variables that will not be covered. 

These include but are not limited to; 

 - Extreme weather 

 - Unstable ground outside of works 

 - Staining and misuse