Marshalls Register


What Is The Marshalls Register?

One of the problems with Landscaping is lack of regulation. Making your job as the customer all the more difficult. How do you know who's the real deal? That's where the Marshalls Register comes in! Marshalls are the largest paving supplier in the UK. They're the Big Boys and most of us have Marshalls products in our garden and don't even know it. Their Register of Accredited Contractors is designed to higher the standards of the Landscaping Industry. You cannot join this register without an assessment and ongoing vetting. 

I am proud to be a member and I strive to push my own standards with each new project I embark on. 

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Marshalls Ongoing Assessments

Each year we have the opportunity to submit some of our work for National Recognition at the Marshalls Awards. There's some top quality workmanship on show and I aim to get my new team and I back on the top of the board. 

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Marshalls 10 Year Guarantee

By using a Marshalls Accredited Contractor and using Marshalls Products you can apply for the 10 Year Guarantee. This guarantee backs both my workmanship and the product itself. It's total peace of mind for you, the customer, to know that even if I fell into our well and was never seen again, your patio or driveway is still covered by Marshalls. 

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